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 About Us 

Who We Are

An end-to-end solution for influencer activation, social video creation, and digital distribution...

inHouse is a team of experts on all aspects of Influencer Marketing. We specialize in video, with a focus on content strategy, creative development, talent management, production, and distribution. content is tailored to each channel, creator, and brand KPI.


With over 20 years of media and ad tech experience we are able to offer paid distribution alongside our talent’s organic reach — resulting in a more streamlined experience, a better end product and pricing efficiencies.


Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.


Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.


Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.

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Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.

 We bring it all together. 

We unite every component part of the development and distribution process. From creative development, to talent management, production, post-production, and distribution, our teams work in unison, under one roof, for higher quality assets, more cohesive campaigns, and greater ROI for our clients.

We Lead with Production

Creative Ideation and Premium Capabilities

Our facilities at rival those of a major Hollywood studio in terms of capabilities and experience.


We have our own production studios, equipment, producers, editors, and creatives on staff. And with experience in everything from scripted TV shows, reality series, hidden camera, TV commercials, social-first narratives, and feature films, we can think big creatively, and then deliver without outsourcing the work. 

Post Production

Premium matters, even with influencer generated assets. Motion picture beauty retouching, 3d animation, graphics and advanced editing tools all help to elevate influencer created content and take premium produced content to the next level.

Our Studios


We've provided Production and Post-Production for some of the world's largest advertisers and media companies. We’re outfitted with all of the latest production and post-production technology.

This means that we can turn around any type of branded video content without the use of outside vendors.


Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.


Use catchy, fun text to tell people what you offer.




Unique content customized to each channel, creator, and KPI

Our extensive experience working at agencies, brands, publishers and in the entertainment industry enables us to craft a bespoke approach for your specific brand goals.  


We do not believe in packaging or a one size fits all approach.


Everything is custom to your brand and KPIs. We develop a tailored recommendation complete with creative concept, talent strategy, production schedule, and distribution plan

Ideation and Development

We delve deep into creative ideation. Whether we are working with an established brand, or building identity and awareness, we do extensive research on our clients, their “voice,” their target audience, and their ideal positioning — ensuring that we are able to bring original and effective concepts to life with creative assets across multiple social platforms.

Creative Collaborations

We can work with creative groups to optimize their creative ideas for cross-platform storytelling  bringing the right talent, platforms, formats, and strategies to the table so that the larger social campaign works in tandem with creative assets.

Experience Driven Activations

inHouse specializes in event based storytelling, not only capturing premium content, but also teasing out storylines and developing a larger programs surrounding the video asset. We can help to procure talent, come up with a creative way for them to relate to the event, and amp up their audiences with pre-event content, engaging consumers that may not have had the opportunity to attend the event and encouraging them to connect with the brand in a meaningful way.

Talent Management

Engage with today’s most relevant creators

Seamlessly integrate your brand in posts, photos and videos created by, featuring or sponsored by your brand. We strive for influencer activations that are authentic, never forced or contrived.  


Whether it's integrating your product into talent-generated content, or collaborating with the influencer on premium-produced assets, inHouse will provide white glove service, education, guidance, and ease of execution.

Fostering Relationships

The inHouse team believes in the traditional fundamentals of matchmaking, marrying the right brands to the right creators. Every YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat star is their own brand with their own language and aesthetic. We understand our creators, who they are, and why their fans love them.


At inHouse, we focus on the development of long-standing relationships with social talent so that we know how they like to work, what they cost, and what they will do. 


As a result, we can propose the right people from the beginning of the process.


Strategy and Capabilities.

Native content boosted with paid support feels genuine and approachable.

With the inHouse suite of distribution solutions, you can maximize organic channels through social amplification and extend through paid models across desktop and mobile, ensuring that your content is seen by the right people at the right time for maximum exposure and impact.

Influencer as Media Channel

We marry organic reach and engagement with massive targeted reach by negotiating whitelisting with participating talent. This means that our campaign content appears on the influencers channel as a regular organic post, and is also distributed to a much wider audience via the influencer's handle. This results in an enormous increase in view rate compared to similar assets being deployed through brand channels. You'll also see amplification across social engagement, shares, clicks to site, downloads, and many other KPIs.

Premium Ad Units

inHouse can generate every element of large and/or long-running campaigns while ensuring cohesion in format and messaging. We can develop custom ad units based on search and purchase data, as well as customer profiles and seasonal needs. Our team can generate everything from Instagram & Facebook Carousels, to Immersive Canvas Ads, Cinematic Pins, Snapchat 3V ads, and more.

Our Clients

The flexibility the inHouse platform allows for our services to be offered à la carte, depending on the needs of the particular client and campaign.

We have the expertise to execute complex programs and the assets to make it happen. Plus. we can offer everything cheaply, quickly, easily, and with a better end-product than traditional publishing, digital publishing, or multi-channel networks.

Our clients may benefit from any combination of the following:


~ Creative Ideation & Development

~ Influencer Talent Identification & Management

~ Social Strategy

~ Production of Premium & Influencer Generated Content for Cross Platform Storytelling

~ Tentpole, Experiential, & Event-Based Activations

~ Social First Ad Units Designed for Paid Amplification on Brand Social Channels

~ Seasonal Content Needs & Editorial Calendars

~ Dynamic Assets & Search Engine Optimized Packages

~ Distribution through Organic & Paid Media Tactics


We've been honored to work with some of today's most important brands.  Here's a snapshot of some of our partners...

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