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From Selfie to Self-Made

How To Make Social Media Your Career.

First things, first. What exactly is influencer marketing and where does inHouse Productions fit in?

Influencer marketing connects brands with influencers in order to support that brand’s message. It combines word of mouth with social media and utilizes these two forces for growth and reach. An influencer is any person with the power to make an online impact. It’s your favorite YouTuber, fashion blogger, fitness trainer, beauty guru, recipe resource, etc. The list goes on.

At inHouse Productions, we refer to these people as content creators. They’re the accounts that dictate a lot of what is popular on social media, whether they are as huge as Kim Kardashian or as small as a talented local photographer with a really devoted following.

As an influencer marketing company, inHouse facilitates the relationship between brand and creator and then fosters that creative collaboration. As consumers of media ourselves, we understand that for a brand campaign to really work, the content needs to be impactful. For us, pairing the right brands with the right creators is one of the most important aspects of building a successful campaign.

Sounds awesome, but I couldn’t exactly major in social media in college. How do I make it my career?

Fair question. As of right now, there isn’t necessarily a blueprint for breaking into this industry, but students may be more equipped to pursue a career in this field than they realize. There are two sides of influencer marketing: the brand and the influencer. And then you’ll find a company like inHouse sitting comfortably in the middle.

Interested in becoming an influencer? inHouse’s advice to any budding content creators would be to find your niche and then explore it as far as you can. There are thousands of creators already online, but if you find your unique voice, then you’ll really set yourself apart and build a loyal following of people who are passionate about the same kinds of things. Those are the types of authentic accounts that brands want to work with.

Maybe you’re a future entrepreneur in the midst of launching your next venture, whether it be a new app, a clothing line, etc. You can tap influencer marketing by approaching it from the brand’s side of thinking, and activate your friends to promote your product or idea on their social media.

Perhaps the idea of launching a blog or building a business isn’t exactly right, yet the idea of working at a company that marries these two worlds and produces memorable social media collaborations is extremely appealing. A place where you can flex your creative thinking, build a campaign, and work on a set where the content is brought to life. A place like inHouse.

What type of role would I be a fit for at an influencer marketing company like inHouse?

What sets inHouse apart from other influencer marketing companies, is that we have our own production team and paid media divisions, on top of influencer procurement. Editors, creatives, strategists, and media buyers are all on our staff to support content creation and ensure the right audiences see it. This unique business model means that there are a lot of places where a candidate could find their perfect fit. We like to have a new team member jump right into the mix, because there’s no typical day at inHouse.

One day, you could be working alongside our creative director, marketing coordinator, and talent division to ideate brand campaigns and write pitches. Say that proposal you worked on gets chosen by the brand...then you’ll switch gears and head into pre-production mode. inHouse owns our own production studios, so we produce the content that we pitch. There are lots of moving pieces here: location scouting, booking travel, contracting freelancers. Then on the actual day of the shoot, you’re able to be on set as the inHouse team rolls cameras.

Eventually when the campaign comes to life, you’re able to say you were a part of the process from the very beginning.

Well that sounds great - how do I become the next inHouse intern?

Lucky for you, we need a candidate to join us in New York this summer. inHouse team members wear a lot of hats, which is why all types of applicants are welcome. (Including the applicants that are out of state. We’re considering remote roles, as well.)

We’re calling all creatives to the table! Show us what you can do. We’re particularly interested in strong writers, sick graphic designers and anyone with a strong social media presence.

Send your resume and cover letter to and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram. We can’t wait to hear from you.


Social Media Manager

(and former intern)

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